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List of Top Video Game Soundtracks

Posted by gamedonut on
List of Top Video Game Soundtracks

Most of us would agree that music is undoubtedly an essential companion to any type of video game. Moreover, we cannot deny the fact that when a video game has a great choice of soundtrack; it makes the whole experience more intense, more emotional and more exciting. Beyond doubt, music allows us to easily remember a particular video game due to the emotions they stimulate. When the soundtrack is perfectly combined with every section and scene of the entire gameplay, players find a particular video game more thrilling and adventure-filled.

Needless to say, it will be very hard to imagine video games without a soundtrack. Admittedly, music has been indispensable to video gaming. Indeed, it plays a very significant role in setting the mood or emotions for the entire gaming experience. There are countless video games soundtracks that have remained in our hearts and minds through the years. At times, we don’t even know why we like the music, but, there is something about it that enables us to remember something and admit it or not they have the ability to bring us in a different world which is very far from the real world we live in.

Silent Hill 2’s soundtrack is very simple but it creates a very creepy atmosphere. It makes the gaming experience more exciting and feels it like you’re in the exact place where the actions in the games happen. Austin Wintory’s Journey soundtrack is very emotional and when you listen to it, it makes you want to cry. This music certainly evokes a strong emotional reaction from listeners. Another one is the soundtrack of Enemy Unknown which comes in spooky and wailing sounds of a very hushful combat zone.

In addition, Xenoblade Chronicles’ soundtrack is without a doubt a celestial one. It has lively jazz beats as well as soft guitar strums. The music is absolutely mixed, radical and very addictive. On the other hand, Dyad’s soundtrack elicits an unforgettable experience because it is jazzy; every now and then it has something like frightening beats. Play and music in this video game experience is truly one great combination.

Nearly all of us are encouraged to play video games which have a good choice of soundtracks. Soundtracks just like in the movies inspire us to play and enjoy more. They have the ability to make every gaming experience definitely a worthwhile, thrilling and relaxing one. At times, video games don’t get to catch the attention of most players primarily because the soundtrack used is not that inviting.